Saturday 21 April 2018

Furious newsreader throws tantrum over colleague's matching dress

Julie Snook, Amber Sherlock and Sandy Rae. Picture: Nine News
Julie Snook, Amber Sherlock and Sandy Rae. Picture: Nine News Newsdesk Newsdesk

This is the very awkward moment an Australian news presenter scolded a colleague for wearing the same colour outfit live on air.

Nine newsreader Amber Sherlock reacted angrily when her colleague Julie Snook appeared on air wearing white as well.

The exchange was captured on video before they went on-air.

Ms Sherlock demands that her co-worker puts on a different colour jacket in the astonishing exchange, as psychologist Sandy Rae listens in.

“I need Julie to put on a jacket because we’re all in white. I asked her before we came on, Julie you need to put a jacket on,” the irritated presenter says.

“I’ve been flat out, I haven’t had time,” responds Ms Snook.

Her colleague hits back: “Come on, I told you two hours ago … I wasn’t saying it for no reason, the wardrobe girls will be furious… There can’t be three of us.”

Mr Snook replies: “If it’s an issue I can get on out of here…I genuinely forgot.”

Her colleague continues: “Fine, jump on out if that’s what you’d like to do. Come on, wearing a jacket. I asked you two-and-a-half hours ago. It’s not the hardest request.

“I know it’s not your issue. But we did talk about this two-and-a-half hours ago.”

After the footage was published on Mumbrella and went viral, Ms Sherlcok admitted she “probably overreacted”.

“Live TV can be a pretty stressful beast, at times,” she told Nine Honey.

“It’s never much fun rocking up to work or a party in the same outfit as one of your colleagues or friends. I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin.”

Ms Snook also responded: “Amber and I really love white!”

She added: “Amber and I are good friends and I really enjoy working with her, news is a fast-moving environment and sometimes these things happened.”

By the time they went on-air, Ms Snook was wearing a black jacket.

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