Sunday 21 July 2019

'Disarm it' - politician uses C-word at rally in attempt to reclaim it from abusers Newsdesk Newsdesk

The co-leader of New Zealand’s Green Party repeatedly used the C-word at an anti-racism event for families last week as part of an initiative she says is aimed at reclaiming the word “cunt” for women.

Marama Davidson said the C-word was used against her a part of a death threat and that it had been maligned as a form of abuse for too long. 

The public had a mixed response to Ms Davidson’s attempted reclamation of the word and many of the country’s politicians were against it. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would not use the word herself, while opposition women’s spokesperson Paula Bennet called Ms Davidson’s use of language “disgusting.” 

“To do this in front of families and children is disgusting,” she tweeted. 

Speaking to New Zealand publication Newshub, Ms Davidson said that she stands by “using that word.” 

“I think it’s a word we have to disarm and reclaim,” she added. 

Following up her point later on twitter, Ms Davidson said that: “If women get called the *C* word by men who are trying to death threat us into silence and intimidation – the least we can do is disarm the word and claim it back, *C* is for Cheers :) .” 

“I simply reclaimed it at a rally after ir was used at me in a death threat. That’s not a campaign. That’s just me talking,” she added. 

Recent research by the country’s Broadcasting Standards Authority found that the ‘C-word’ was still the most offensive word to Kiwi ears followed closely by the ‘N-word.’ 

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