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Australia Day celebrations cancelled as two people killed in Perth plane crash


A man and woman were killed when a light plane crashed into the Swan River in Perth during Australia Day celebrations.

The eerie footage shows the plane falling in the air, before it crashes into the water.

Two people, the pilot and the passenger, were killed when the plane crashed at 5pm on Thursday.

It's believed the Grumman G-73 plane, broke into two pieces as it hit the water.

Australia Day events in the area were cancelled after the tragedy.

Eye-witness Tamara Legenstein told ABC news that she thought the plane was part of a show.

"I saw it heading towards the water, I was sort of thinking at first that it was a stunt plane and that it was going to go down low and then head up back into the sky," she said.

"But it started to cartwheel, hit the water and then broke into two."

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