Thursday 14 November 2019

Assange in election bid

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WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange will attempt to win a seat in Australian Senate elections, while still confined to Ecuador's embassy in London.

He is among seven WikiLeaks Party candidates intending to stand in the elections. He claimed he wanted to bring the "values of transparency and accountability and resistance under pressure that [he has] developed through hard experience with WikiLeaks" to Australian politics.


A team of conmen who tricked elderly victims out of thousands of pounds dressed as women to evade capture.

The men, who have been pictured on CCTV wearing wigs and women's clothes, allegedly charmed their way into pensioners' homes in York and Harrogate by posing as officials from a bank. Detectives say the suspects were "charming and friendly", as they convinced elderly people to part with their bank cards and pin numbers.


A man who faked his death to beat a rape charge, then later got elected mayor of a village in southern Mexico, has been arrested.

The Oaxaca state prosecutors' office says Leninguer Carballido was arrested on charges of using fake documents and making false statements. He was found at his family's home near Oaxaca City. He was elected mayor of the village of San Agustin Amatengo this month. When authorities sought him in 2011 in connection with a 2004 rape case, his family submitted a death certificate saying he died of natural causes in 2010.


A Swedish politician who wanted to show his new tattoo to followers on a social media site accidentally revealed far more than he intended.

Lars Ohly, former leader of Sweden's Left Party and supporter of Liverpool Football Club, posted a picture of the liver bird tattooed on his leg. But he failed to notice that his genitals were visible.


It sounds like a lethal gadget in a James Bond movie: Remote-controlled gun barrels rigged behind the license plate of a car that sprays bullets at an unsuspecting target.

But South African police say this was a real-life attempt to kill Radovan Krejcir, a Czech man who was accused of planning a murder and other crimes. Krejcir was unhurt in Wednesday's attack, which peppered his Mercedes with with bulletholes.

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