Thursday 12 December 2019

Woman found walking on road with arm missing after crocodile attack

Police in Australia have destroyed the croc
Police in Australia have destroyed the croc

A crocodile has ripped a woman’s arm off while she was sitting at a creek in Australia.

The woman, aged in her 60s, was at Three Mile Creek in Wyndham, about 3,200 kilometers north of Perth, when the croc lunged.

The woman was rushed to hospital after she was found walking along a road with part of her arm below her elbow missing.

Authorities in Northern Australia have now launched a major hub tot trap and kill the animal.

The crocodile leapt about six feet out of the creek to attack the woman.

"Apparently she was sitting beside the creek and the croc came out and grabbed her and took her arm off," said local café owner Mike Snowball.

“It came out of the water and grabbed her and did a death roll and took her arm off near the elbow.”

The woman was flown to a hospital in Darwin and is in a stable condition.

Rangers later caught the croc and killed it.

"Because this crocodile attacked a person and it was in an area used by people and pets it was imperative that we removed it and we ensured that it was destroyed quickly and humanely," said Peter Carstairs, from the Balanggarra Parks and Wildlife office.

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