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Wild leopard enters town and attacks over 20 people


The terrifying incident was caught on camera (Photo: Reuters)

The terrifying incident was caught on camera (Photo: Reuters)

The terrifying incident was caught on camera (Photo: Reuters)

A wild leopard attacked and injured up to 20 people after it found itself trapped in a house.

Locals became concerned a predator was in their town in Raiganj in India after they found two dead goats.

The villagers eventually discovered the spotty-skinned animal in a family home.

According to Telegraph India, local man Haripada Sarka was emerging from his home in Indira Colony for his morning stroll when he spotted the animal. The leopard leapt and attacked Sarkar on the left shoulder and then vanished.

His family did oot believe he had been attacked by a wild cat until a doctor at the nearby district hospital told them the scratches and bruise marks could be a leopard's.

The animal was later discovered in a nearby house where it was surrounded by local youths, armed with sticks and rods.

Over the next couple of hours, chased by a huge crowd, the leopard moved from one corner of the town to another.

The leopard attacked at least 20 people during the incident, The Indian Express reports.

District Forest Officer Dipanna Dutta said: “We had netted the whole area. We called the wildlife squad to help us. Then my staff, in addition to the wildlife squad – at least 30 of us – chased the leopard."

“We have sent the animal to Sukna sanctuary,” said Mr Dutta.

Principal Conservator of Forests in West Bengal, Pradeep Dass, called this “a freak incident”.

“This area has historically had no leopards…There are no forests nearby. We believe the leopard travelled here from Bihar. This is the first time a leopard has been spotted here in the last 60 years,” he said.

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