Wednesday 25 April 2018

Video: Surfer knocked unconscious by whale in Australia describes his experience

Bishan Rajapakse was knocked out cold after being high-fived by a whale off Bondi Beach in Australia.

He said the whale was just being friendly,"I just remember this magnificent whale coming up for another look. I felt like talking to it like a dog or like you would with an animal"

He joked, "Maybe he was giving me a high five, I don't know"

A high five from a human being is ok, but a high five from a large whale could be life threatening - especially when it is this size.

"It looked like an alien, like an alien space craft - it was amazing" Mr Rajapakse  said.

Eye witnesses were shocked by what they saw, and one described the incident, " All you saw was surfers, swimmers etc being thrown into the air like skittles, I've never seen anything like it!

Fortunately everyone came away from the accident to tell the tale and Bishan was later released from hospital.

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