Friday 23 February 2018

Video: Firefighters pull baby's hand out of a blender

Jennifer McShane

Firefighters in China had to be called to help release a toddler’s hand that had become stuck in a blender.

The young boy stuck his right hand into the electric blender, which had been left on the floor as his father prepared food.

His hand and arm became instantly trapped in the internal mechanism in the device, and his parents were unable to get out.

The toddler, who is just one-and a-half years old, immediately became very distressed and his parents rushed him to the hospital after numerous failed attempts to free his hand and arm.

However, his arm had become so wedged in the machine and despite multiple attempts by doctors, they were unable to get out and fire team had to be assembled to do so.

The firefighters worked carefully to free the little boy’s arm with specialist equipment. Staff at the hospital had to medicate the visibly distressed toddler as they attempted to extract arm. He then passed out due to the pain and discomfort he experienced.

It took several hours to free his arm from the blender, but according to doctors, he is now said to be in a stable condition.

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