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Video: Female accomplice sent flying in botched petrol robbery

POLICE in south-east Queensland, Australia, are currently searching for this man and woman caught on CCTV in a bungled petrol robbery.

The suspected petrol thief seems to have panicked when the station attendant came out to check the vehicle’s registration number and suddenly attempted a getaway.

His accomplice, a woman who appears to be pregnant, was still filling the car with petrol when the red hatchback took off.

The dramatic 35 second footage shows the woman being thrown viciously into the air as the petrol hose snaps, with fuel rushing down onto the forecourt.

The woman, dressed in a pink bikini top and black shorts, quickly scrambles to her feet and into the car which then speeds out of the petrol station.

Local police are still seeking both suspects for stealing approximated $90 worth of fuel from the Mt Warren Park Caltex station on the outskirts of Brisbane.

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