Monday 22 January 2018

Video: Airline goes Gaga for safety demo

Flight attendants with a low-cost Philippine airline have developed a Lady Gaga-based dance routine to keep passengers' attention during the in-flight safety demonstration.

A video of stewardesses performing on a Cebu Pacific has become a YouTube success with more than 6.5 million hits after being posted on the video sharing website.

The Manila-based airline is known for holding party games and singing contests on its low-fare domestic and Asian flights.

"People hardly pay attention to the safety demo on the ground," a spokeswoman said. "The airline was very thrilled with the outcome."

In the video three stewardesses in pastel shirts and khaki skirts dance to Lady Gaga's hit Just Dance along a narrow A-320 passenger cabin aisle to teach passengers emergency procedures in case of severe turbulence or a water landing.

But a group of flight attendants from the flag-carrier Philippine Airlines frowned on the in-flight show, saying it was demeaning and undignified.

Left-wing politician Teddy Casino said that while the dance routine may have captured passenger attention "it was obviously difficult to intently listen and hear the safety instructions because of the loud music".

But the airline was elated and has decided to continue the flight show.

Crew members do regular pre-flight safety demonstrations - then follow up with the musical version when the plane reaches cruising altitude.

In the video, the flight crew members are shown dancing animatedly while donning yellow life vests and oxygen masks and blowing emergency whistles. They turn around and spread their arms to point to emergency exits.

Press Association

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