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Two men have lucky escape as car tumbles into massive sinkhole surrounded by traffic

Two men have been caught on CCTV having a lucky escape from their car as it teetered on the edge of a sinkhole.

The driver and the passenger managed to get out of the car just minutes before the tarmac gave way underneath it and the vehicle flipped over and fell upside down in to the hole in a busy road in China.

The hole, which appeared at the centre of a busy junction in Jinjang City in China’s eastern Fujan province, was caused by the collapse of sands beneath the road’s surface, though it was not created until half an hour before the incident, when a large, heavy-weight truck ran over the weak spot and caused the tarmac to collapse.

The road has since been blocked for repairs.

Last week a woman in Australia fell into a huge sinkhole while she was still hanging out her washing.

The 45-year-old was swallowed by a watery sinkhole that opened up beneath her feet. She was left swimming in the 9ft deep, 2ft wide chasm for half an hour while she called out for help. Emergency services eventually arrived and were able to haul the woman out by a rope.

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