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Thursday 17 October 2019

Tragedy of Kathleen aged 20 who stabbed her sister Susan (18) to death in hormonal rage

Kathleen Worrall (left) stabbed her younger sister Susan
Kathleen Worrall (left) stabbed her younger sister Susan
Kathleen Worrall being led into the King Street Court complex in June. Photo: John Grainger

IT’S HARD to believe looking at the two gorgeous sisters posing in this picture that Kathleen Worrall later stabbed her younger sister Susan to death in a hormonal rage.

A coroner’s court in Sydney, Australia has been hearing the tragic circumstances that then led to the death of Kathleen, morbidly obese at the age of just 22 in her prison cell.

She died on August 1 last year, two months after she was jailed for stabbing her sister, Susan, 18, to death in 2008. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter in June last year.

Her death was as a result of a cocktail of drugs she took for congenital adrenal hyperplasia - the condition she was not taking her medication for when she attacked her younger sister stabbing her up to fifty times.

An earlier court hearing that sentenced Kathleen to five years in prison for manslaughter, heard that she lay in wait with three knives for Susan at their Sydney home in October 2008.

Kathleen, a university student, changed her mind about killing her sister twice, but made the decision to go ahead after Susan, a final year secondary school student, changed the password on the family computer.

Kathleen said it was “the last straw” and stabbed her sister 50 times while Susan screamed: “No Kathleen. I love you. I love you. Please stop.”

The court accepted that Kathleen was suffering from an abnormality of the mind and couldn’t control herself.

She had stopped taking the hormone medication she needed to control her testosterone levels in a bid to lose weight.

She told a psychiatrist that she looked like a gladiator and had lost 132lbs in the months before she snapped, according to the Daily Telegraph in Australia.

The court heard relations between the siblings had deteriorated to the extent they were exchanging death threats after a punch-up over a hair straightener.

Kathleen claimed she feared her sister but five days before the killing she sent a text to a friend saying she felt "homicidal" and was going to murder Susan that night. The friend talked her out of it.

She also told psychiatrist Dr Olav Nielssen she planned how to kill her sister by researching knife wounds online and buying a large knife from K-mart days before.

She said she knew she had to sever the carotid artery to ensure the death was quick.

After her arrest, she told her friend: "I'm glad the bitch is dead."

However she later expressed her love for her sister and told the court in a letter that she and Susan were "two halves of a whole ... with a shared understanding of one another that can only come from being close sisters".

New South Wales deputy state coroner Scott Mitchell this week paid tribute to the Worrall parents who suffered the heavy burden of the deaths of both their daughters.

"Mr and Mrs Worrall have been through the most horrendous things and it's a tribute to their love of their daughter that they are here today, faithful to her memory," he said.

"She died at the age of 22 and that's too young to die."

He said during her final two weeks, spent at Dillwynia prison facility, she had an opportunity to live a relatively normal life and had made good friends, was "euphoric" and could be optimistic about the future.

He found she died from pulmonary embolism related to her obesity, with no mistreatment or inaction by authorities contributing to her death.

Worrall was due for release in early 2013, a Supreme Court judge finding the killing of her sister Susan was caused by the mania associated with her coming off her CAH medication.

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