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Top rugby hopeful convicted of brutally assaulting three homeless men on night out

A top Australian rugby hopeful has been branded a ‘gutless coward’ after assaulting three homeless men while he was on a night out.

Filimaua ‘Dez’ Laalaai (20) was out with friends in Perth celebrating a birthday when the disagreement broke out with three men.

Footage of the shocking incident shows the player kicking a man while he lies on the ground.

The court heard Laalaai punched the man five times and kicked him 12 times.

He then kicks another man who is lying on the ground in the back of the head – before smirking as he walks away.

Sentencing him, Judge Birmingham, said: "The people he was kicking were laying defensively on the ground.

"If he did that in a rugby game he’d never play again.

“You also took some pleasure out of the treatment you meted out.

"Your expression in the video is one of smugness, of amusement at the fact that you’re being a big fellow in kicking people on the ground like a hero.

"You weren’t. You were a coward.”

His defense said he was acting under the influence of alcohol.

He was ordered  to complete a nine-month intensive supervision order, handed a AUD$1,000 fine and ordered to do 50 hours unpaid community work.

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