Monday 22 January 2018

Three - including two children - killed after glass-coated kite string slashed their throats

Kite flying is popular in India
Kite flying is popular in India

Three people, including two children, have died after their throats were slashed by glass-coated kite string used in competitions to slice the strings of other kites, Indian police said.

A three-year-old girl travelling with her parents in a car had her head out of the sunroof when her throat was cut by a kite string, her uncle said.

The other victims were a four-year-old boy who was also looking out of the sunroof of a car, and a man riding a motorbike.

The deaths occurred in New Delhi on Monday, which was India's Independence Day, when many people fly kites to celebrate.

The city government has banned the sale of glass-coated kite string following the three deaths.

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