Tuesday 12 December 2017

Stranger saves toddler with mouth-to-mouth

IT IS a moment that every single parent dreads happening.

Amy Collard was shopping in a supermarket in Australia when her two-year-old daughter Shaylar suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

Dramatic CCTV footage supplied by Perth shopA shows Ms Collard rushing her daughter's lifeless body to a checkout appealing for help.

Two shoppers help the girl, who they feared was choking, by turning her upside down and trying to revive her.

Her father, Michael Narkle, is then seen running into the store and breaks down at the sight of his lifeless daughter.

As Mr Narkle paces the shop in despair, a tradesman called Rowan O'Neill takes charge.

He performs CPR on little Shaylar and about 90 seconds later, her eyes opened.

The toddler's parents told A Current Affair they were grateful to Mr O'Neill for saving their daughter's life.

"I thought she was going to die," Ms Collard told the program.

Shaylar spent a night in hospital and is now back home recovering.

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