Sunday 27 May 2018

Police hunt group who beat boy (13) to death and uploaded video of attack

Protesters calling for the arrests of those accused of murdering Samiul Alam Rajan Credit: Getty Images
Protesters calling for the arrests of those accused of murdering Samiul Alam Rajan Credit: Getty Images

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A video showing a 13-year-old being beaten to death by a group of men has caused outrage after being posted on Facebook.

Teenager Samiul Alam Rajan died of a brain haemorrhage after suffering multiple wounds to the head during an attack in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Police are now hunting for the group of men who beat the 13-year-old after they tied him to a post and attacked him with a metal bar after accusing the child of stealing a rickshaw.

One man has already been arrested on suspicion of murder and another has been detained, the Dhaka Tribune reported.

Footage of the child’s death, which has gone viral in Bangladesh, shows him being beaten by a group of men for almost half an hour at a deserted bus station on the outskirts of the city. 

The boy is tied to a post with his hands bound behind him as he is beaten with a metal bar, with one attacker dragging him up by the hair when he falls down in pain.

Samiul Alam Rajan Credit: Youtube
Samiul Alam Rajan Credit: Youtube

One of his tormentors, who accused him of stealing a rickshaw, can be heard laughing as he cries and begs for mercy.

The group later discuss putting the video on Facebook so the "whole world can see it".

In the video, the terrified youngster can be heard pepeating: "Please don't beat me like this, I will die."

At one stage he is told to walk away. But as he tries to get to his feet, one of the attackers shouts: "His bones are okay. Beat him some more."

When the youngster begs for water, the men tell him to drink his own sweat.

Police said an autopsy on Samiul Alam Rajon revealed scores of injuries all over his body, including on the head and chest.

“Samiul Alam Rajon died on July 8 as a result of merciless beating," local police chief Alamgir Hossain told AFP news agency.

"His body had at least 64 injuries including in the head."

The boy’s parents learnt of his death after going to police to report him missing.

His father told the Dhaka Tribune that his son dropped out of school to support the family by selling vegetables from a rickshaw.

"My son is not a thief. Everyone knows it. I want justice for my child's murder," his mother Lubna Aktar told reporters.

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