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Mother (52) says breastfeeding six-year-old daughter 'perfectly natural'


Credit: Maha al Musa/Facebook

Credit: Maha al Musa/Facebook

Credit: Maha al Musa/Facebook

A mother in the Australian town of Byron Bay has said it is "perfectly natural" for her six-year-old daughter to still be breastfed, and told how she will breastfeed her daughter in the school playground if she asks.

Maha Al Musa, 52, said that she would continue feeding Aminah until she no longer wanted it.

"She says to me, ‘Mummy milkie.’ I could be in the middle of doing something or talking and it’s so natural to us, we don’t make a big deal of it," she said.

And Aminah told Australian magazine Woman's Day that "it tastes like lots of different things."

She added: "Sometimes it tastes like candy canes."

The girl, who is photographed in the magazine being breastfed in a park, said she enjoys "sleeping and sucking" at her mother's breasts so much she may continue for a couple more years.

"I might stop when I’m eight," she said.

"It’s my favourite thing to do when I’m not at school. More kids should, because it’s good for you."

Ms Al Musa, a mother of three who runs prenatal belly dance classes, is one of a series of women featured in a Discovery Channel programme called Extreme Breastfeeding.

"Let child and mother choose what's best for them, their circumstance and family," she wrote on her Facebook page. "If we are all choosing then we are all equal. 4-8 (years) is NORMAL age for self weaning."

In response to the magazine article, she wrote: "There is no one forcing anyone to do natural term breastfeeding.

"If one woman feels comfortable and another uncomfortable then so be it."