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Man stuck in woodchipper calls partner to say goodbye, then calls ambulance

A MAN who lost his arm in a woodchipper's conveyor belt called his partner fearing he was going to die during the ordeal.

During the accident, he called his partner - before dialling 111 - saying "I'm f*****, I'm f*****, I'm sorry and I love you", a friend of the man revealed.

He only survived because his trapped arm stopped the conveyor belt from working.

The father of three, who did not want to be named, was working at a greenwaste plant in Christchurch, New Zealand when the accident occurred, around 4pm on Tuesday.

He was trapped for about two hours before emergency services pulled him free, and was flown to Christchurch Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove his arm.

The man's friend said he was turning off the machine when he slipped and his arm was caught on the conveyor belt.