Saturday 17 March 2018

Man (21) to undergo three surgeries to shrink massive foot (shoe size 29)

Liu Huichang suffers from localised gigantism
Liu Huichang suffers from localised gigantism Newsdesk Newsdesk

A 21-year-old man whose foot has swelled to a massive shoe size 29 is hoping to achieve his dream of playing basketball by undergoing life-changing surgery.

Chinese man Liu Huichang, whose foot currently measures 17 inches, suffers from localised gigantism, which means that his right foot has never stopped growing.

Liu Huizhang has already undergone one of three surgeries to help his foot - which is currently twice the size of his right foot - and he has struggled to walk for years.

Even if the three surgeries are a success, Liu’s two feet may not be the same size but doctors hope his right foot will be reduced to a normal size.

Huizhang’s parents from Qu County in Sichuan province, China, desperately tried to stop his foot growing when he was young by tightly binding the limb – but refused doctors’ suggestions of amputating his leg.

Now the computer system apprentice has undergone the first of three operations which he hopes will help him lead a more normal life.

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