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Macron and Xi want deal on climate co-operation


French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters


French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: Reuters

The presidents of China and France have promised closer co-operation on climate and counter-terrorism as their governments try to gain influence in a shifting global political landscape.

Emmanuel Macron's visit was billed as an effort to expand European ties and cooperation as Britain prepares to leave the EU and Donald Trump promotes more inward-looking policies in the US.

Mr Macron, who combined the visit with trade talks, said earlier he hoped to forge a wide-ranging partnership on climate and other issues, though he added that would take time.

The visit produced no formal initiatives but China's Xi Jinping said they would "make joint efforts to maintain multilateralism and improve global governance". He added: "Together we will cope with global challenges such as climate change and terrorism."

Elsewhere, in Berlin, ­German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ­conservatives and their ­possible social democrat partners in ­government faced criticism over their willingness to push back Germany's target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by an agreed 2020 deadline.

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