Sunday 16 December 2018

Logan Paul in trouble again after second video emerges of YouTuber throwing Poké Balls at Japanese people

Ilana Kaplan

Logan Paul has been branded "a silly excuse for a human being" after a video re-surfaced of him throwing Poké Balls at Japanese people in Toyko

In the video titled "Real Life Pokemon in Tokyo" he throws Poké Balls at a Japanese policeman, car, a bike and an unsuspecting person.

He then proceeds to drop his pants in the middle of the video.

Paul's actions sparked outrage among Japanese viewers with one commenter didn't understand the YouTube star's fame saying, "I do not know the reason why such a person is popular."

"Do not come to Japan anymore," a second user added.

A third commenter was just as upset saying, "It is tasteless and meaningless. His behaviour is very disappointing."

The material was captured during the same trip he filmed a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest Aokigahara.

Paul traverses around the city like it's his own playground, which he often does with his US content.

In one of the videos he even refers to it as one saying, "I swear Tokyo is just a giant playground. Maybe it’s not. Maybe I should stop. Probably not."

Paul continues wreaking havoc on the city with another video titled "We Fought In The Middle Of Tokyo! Paul harasses bystanders, vehicles and cars with a fish and some squid.

He eventually leaves it on the hood of a taxi.

The 22-year-old then purchases a Gameboy, breaks it in the street and then attempts to return it with racist language ("Mucho Brokeno").

The video footage surfaces after Paul had apologised for filming an individual who committed suicide in Aokigahara.

Paul has gone indefinitely silent on social media as of this week.

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