Tuesday 17 September 2019

Kim Jong-Un handed new title as part of the 'largest political shake-up in years'

North Korea

Kim Jong-un is now ‘supreme representative’ Photo: Reuters
Kim Jong-un is now ‘supreme representative’ Photo: Reuters

Joyce Lee and Josh Smith

In one of the biggest leadership shake-ups in years, North Korea named a new nominal head of state and a new premier, and gave leader Kim Jong-un a new title, state media reported yesterday, moves analysts said solidify Mr Kim's grip on power.

In an expected move, Mr Kim was re-elected as chairman of the State Affairs Commission. For the first time, however, state media referred to Mr Kim as "supreme representative of all the Korean people". That title was approved by special decree in February, according to the Associated Press, but has not been used publicly until yesterday.

Michael Madden, a North Korea leadership expert with the Stimson Centre, a Washington-based think tank, said: "This is probably the largest party-government shake-up in many years."

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