Tuesday 19 November 2019

Jill Meagher killer Adrian Bayley guilty of three more rapes

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Irish woman Jill Meagher's killer Adrian Ernest Bayley raped three more women in the years before he murdered Jill.

Two of the victims, a Dutch backpacker and a young prostitute, were raped just months before Ms Meagher was killed, Australian court heard.

Bayley has now been found guilty of raping 10 women and attempting to rape two more.

He is currently serving a life sentence with a 35-year minimum for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in a Brunswick laneway in Melbourne in September 2012.

Adrian Ernest Bayley
Adrian Ernest Bayley

The court heard that Bayley (43) raped an 18-year-old prostitute in his car in 2000, another 25-year-old sex worker in April 2012 and a Dutch backpacker in July 2012, just two months before he attacked Ms Meagher.

The court heard that Bayley had picked up all three women in St Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, and he drove them to a remote laneway with the passenger door pressed up against a fence.

Jill Meagher
Jill Meagher

He contested each charge in court but juries found him guilty in three separate Victorian Court trials.

His defence argued today that, while they did not dispute the women had been victims of sexual assault, they had mistaken their attacker for Bayley as his face had been so prominent in the media.

Now the guilty verdicts have been revealed after the courts lifted suppression orders designed to ensure he received fair trials.

The victim in the first trial was an 18-year-old sex worker. She was described as being from a good home but became addicted to drugs when she was 14 years old and turned briefly to prostitution.

Bayley, who worked in a nearby bakery, was the young woman's third and final client, the prosecution told the court.

In a strikingly similar case to the second young woman, Bayley drove her to a remote laneway where he parked the car against a fence so the victim could not escape.

The court heard he told the young woman: "You little slut, no-one will miss you".

The prosecution told the court the woman believed she was going to die.

The woman told authorities about the incident 11 years later when she heard about Ms Meagher's murder and saw the picture of Bayley.

In a separate case, the second sex worker attacked by Bayley told the court Bayley told her she was "stupid" she didn't have a "pimp" looking out for her.

He told her that he could "keep her for ages" and no-one would know she was missing.

In the third trial, the victim, a Dutch backpacker, gave evidence via video-link from the Netherlands.

The court heard how she had been walking home along from a popular pub in the suburban area on the night she was attacked in July 2012.

The prosecution said Bayley beckoned to her to come towards his car and mentioned he had seen a car following her. She took up his offer of a lift home.

Instead of taking her home, he drove to a small dark parking space near some apartments and "stopped between two fences", the court heard.

"She asked to get out ... he said no," the prosecution told the jury.

"He said, 'you can't get out so you may as well have sex with me'.

"He then hit her to the side of the face ... he covered her mouth to stop her yelling and held her throat. He told her she couldn't get out and no-one would hear her.

"She was afraid she was going to be killed."

The young woman encouraged Bayley to come back to her house, in the hope of escaping.

The court heard how Bayley took several steps inside the house before he realised other people were home.

The incident was two months before Bayley attacked Jill Meagher.

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