Sunday 17 November 2019

Indian villager set alight after he is accused of killing boy (5) in human sacrifice ritual

The man claimed he could bring the boy back to life as he was attacked by villagers
The man claimed he could bring the boy back to life as he was attacked by villagers

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A man accused of murdering a young Indian boy as part of a witchcraft ritual was reportedly set on fire by enraged villagers.

Tirumala Rao (35) is alleged to have seized a five-year-old from a nursery inside a health centre in the Prakasam district of southern India and carried him to his house.

According to the New Indian Express, he then performed a prayer ritual before cutting off the helpless boy's head, collecting his blood in a vessel and sprinkling it all over his house.   

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Rumours of the kidnapping spread after the boy’s mother was told he had been taken.

Locals tracked down the accused, who had fled after another child said he had seen him seized the five-year-old, and tied him to a pole while they searched for the missing boy.

The mother is believed to arrive at the man’s house and reportedly found the body of her son decapitated alongside a “utensil” filled with blood.

Following the grisly find, the enrage villagers doused the accused in kerosene and set him alight.

The Indian Express reports the suspect plead with those presence he could bring the boy back to life.

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The gruesome incident was confirmed to have taken place by Superintendent of Police C Srikant M Lakshman, who said they were preparing a case again Mr Rao after they rescued him from the villagers.

''This is a first-of-its-kind incident in Prakasam district,” he said.

Added that the accused had a reputation in the village of keeping ties with practitioners of tantric rituals, and had previously made an unsuccessful attempt to abduct an 18-month-old girl.

''Once he recovers, he will be subjected to questioning after an examination of his mental condition by a psychiatrist."

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