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Hospital staff 'forced to hold dead child outside hospital after it dies during medical treatment'


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A doctor and a nurse at a Chinese hospital were reportedly forced to stand outside a hospital and hold a dead infant aloft while bereaved family members verbally abused them in public.

They held the lifeless body of a little boy, called Yaoyao, who had died hours earlier after failed medical treatment.

Both the family and the hospital staff were seen crying during the ordeal.

According to local reports, the infant had been rushed to Taikang Hospital in central China with a high fever.

Unfortunately his condition didn't improve overnight and staff at the hospital administered medical attention.

Yaoyao's family claimed that the boy had died from malpractice.

They then allegedly proceeded to physically assault medical staff.

Yaoyao's father said that he believed that doctors had used the wrong medication to treat his son and were responsible for his untimely death.

Taikang Hospital has denied the allegations of any wrong doing.

They have committed to cooperate with the local police and health department regarding the incident.

Meanwhile Yaoyao's two grandfathers and three aunts have been detained over their treatment of hospital staff.

The case is still under investigation.

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