Monday 21 October 2019

Hi-tech shades put criminals in the frame

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Neil Connor

Chinese police are using sunglasses equipped with facial recognition technology to spot criminal suspects.

The glasses, which are being used at a busy train station ahead of the Chinese New Year travel rush, are linked to a central database that contains details of criminal records.

Wearing the technology, police can reportedly view an individual's personal details, including name, ethnicity, gender and address, almost instantly.

Police at the Zhengzhou East railway station in central China have reportedly arrested seven people suspected of being involved in kidnapping and hit-and-run cases during an operation that began last week.

The sunglasses have a small camera attached on the right-hand lens, connected by an electronic lead to a hand-held device, loaded with an app where officers can process images of suspicious individuals.

The facial information captured by the glasses will be sent back to a database for comparison with the information of suspects on the wanted list.

The app allows access to the database that also provides information on whether the suspect is on the run from police, and even their recent internet history.

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