Friday 18 October 2019

Helicopter crashes in New Zealand harbour

A HELICOPTER pilot was forced to ditch in a harbour after his prototype carbon-fibre craft malfunctioned during a promotional flight.

Peter Maloney noticed a turbine warning light on his control panel as he was flying over Auckland Harbour and was able to make a controlled emergency water landing.

Both the pilot and his passenger were able to get out of the helicopter before it went under, and were subsequently rescued.

"The water landing was effectively uneventful. Everything went as it should do in a condition like that and we both managed to get out of the aircraft without any injuries," said pilot Peter Maloney.

The emergency landing was captured by the passenger’s husband.

"The aircraft has done about 200 hours of flying and the reason we were over water is because we are still in our flight-evaluation phase. Up until now the helicopter has been flying really well," Mr Maloney said.

Mr Maloney's company Composite Helicopters built the KC-518, which is marketed as the world's first all carbon Kevlar helicopter.

The owners say they are arranging to retrieve it from the sea floor.

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