Saturday 24 March 2018

Graphic footage: Whale shark sawed open at Chinese market while still alive

A defenceless whale shark met a grisly end at a chinese market when it was carved up into pieces while it was still alive.

The horrific scene was filmed and uploaded to Youtube, drawing outrage from animal rights activists who have described the footage as "appalling".

In the clip two men use a huge crosscut saw to butcher the shark.

They begin by severing its beautiful tail fin.

Blood and water begin to gush from the shark and it can be seen struggling to breathe.

As the animal's huge mouth opens widely many in the crowd notice that it is still alive.

Approximately 20 people, including young children, are watching the butchery - and some gasp in horror saying: 'This is too cruel.'

Last year an investigation revealed how a factory in southeastern China was cutting up about 600 of the fish every year.

A single carcass is worth around $30,000 (£19,000), with the meat being sold for food and the fins sold to restaurants for shark fin soup.

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