Saturday 24 February 2018

Feral pig caught eating cannabis refuses to give up his stash

This pig was caught eating a cannabis plant Photo: Queensland Police Service
This pig was caught eating a cannabis plant Photo: Queensland Police Service

Mark Molloy

If police thought they had their work cut out catching criminals, then they will be alarmed to hear they may also have to start keeping tabs on feral pigs.

When officers in Queensland, Australia, responded to reports of a disturbance at one property, they were shocked to discover a felonious pig doing drugs.

Officers “observed a large feral pig consuming green leafy material,” a police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.

The feral animal, which was being kept in an enclosed pen, was actually munching on what turned out to be a 1.6-metre high cannabis plant.

It wasn’t a waste of police time, however, as it led to officers searching the property, located in the small locality of Meringandan West, and discovering 140 grams of marijuana.

Police say they couldn’t immediately seize the plant as it was “in the process of being consumed” and because of the size of the animal.

They later had to return to the property to collect the plant, adding that “inquiries are continuing in relation to the pig”.

A 44-year-old man has been charged with producing and possessing cannabis. He is due in court on October 21.

This is not the first pig to get in trouble with the police. Earlier this year, French police were forced to taser a pig that ran amok in one town.

"I later heard from a neighbour that everyone in the street had come out because the pig was squealing like an animal that was being slaughtered," said one witness.

Police eventually got the animal under control, but not before she had destroyed one unlucky neighbour’s lawn.

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