Thursday 22 February 2018

Curses! Chinese crackdown on streakers and the f-word

Jane Macartney in Beijing

Umbrellas are in but crossbows, banners and streakers are out, while sunscreen and lip gloss will be limited.

Organisers of the Beijing Olympics released their "Spectators House Rules" yesterday, together with the launch of a "Good Habit for a Good Games" campaign, in an attempt to ensure that the event proceeds without anything that could embarrass its Chinese hosts.

Nervous in case visitors try to make political statements, banners larger than two metres by one metre have been banned.

The same rules apply to flags, with a ban on those of non-participating members of the Olympics -- aimed at any attempt by demonstrators to unfurl the "snow lion" flag of Tibet, which is banned in China.

The island of Taiwan -- participating as Chinese Taipei and under a special Olympic flag -- will also be off limits.

Lip gloss, fountain pens and sunscreen will be allowed, but only in small quantities.

And the "f-word", commonly heard on the streets of Beijing, will also be forbidden. (© The Times, London).

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