Thursday 17 October 2019

City kills 13,000 dogs a month for their meat

Stock Image (AP Photo/Na Son Nguyen, File)
Stock Image (AP Photo/Na Son Nguyen, File)

Chiara Giordano in Jakarta

More than 13,000 dogs are slaughtered each month in an Indonesian city to keep up with the demand for the animals' meat.

Horrific video footage captured in slaughterhouses in the Central Javan capital city of Surakarta, known as Solo, shows the animals being beaten and strung up to bleed out while still conscious.

The footage was captured by the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition during an undercover investigation, which revealed about 13,700 dogs are snatched from streets or stolen in Java every month.

Lola Webber, from the Change For Animals Foundation, said: "Dogs are captured to be taken on long journeys, often lasting for days, tightly packed in pick-up trucks or in hessian sacks, their mouths bound shut so they can hardly breathe.

"They are then taken to filthy slaughterhouses where they watch others being slaughtered as they wait their turn, trembling in fear.

"The look in their eyes is haunting, the blood-spattered walls unforgettable."

DMFI's latest investigations suggest that Solo is an epicentre for much of the trade that operates on Indonesia's most populous island.

This is despite a central government directive in September which called for local governments to tackle the dog and cat meat trades. (© Independent News Service)

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