Tuesday 25 June 2019

Citizens face 'execution' for watching South TV


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Nicola Smith

The North Korean authorities have reportedly reminded citizens that they could face execution if they indulge in watching South Korean television shows.

According to Radio Free Asia, the regime has been hosting lectures in South Hwanghae province, in the west of the country near the border with South Korea, to demand that residents abstain from watching "decadent video materials of capitalism".

A source told the outlet's Korean service that police officials began hosting lectures in the province in the new year.

"In a recent lecture, they told us they are aware that a growing number of people are able to manipulate the frequencies [of their televisions] to watch South Korean TV programmes," the source said.

"They said that regardless of any individual's status, those caught in violation could be executed by firing squad. [They want to] instil fear."

The report suggests that the recent thaw between North and South Korea has emboldened North Koreans near the border to take the risk of secretly watching forbidden television shows at dawn, during times of peak electricity.

"The authorities have been focusing on South Hwanghae because it is relatively close to the DMZ (demilitarised zone)," the source said.

"They believe that the people living in the border regions are more likely to turn into an opposition force, posing a threat to the system." (© Daily Telegraph London)


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