Thursday 21 November 2019

Chinese police use battalions of plucky geese to keep peace

Tom Phillips Shanghai

Security chiefs in a remote and restive pocket of western China have deployed a new weapon in their fight to maintain order: battalions of honking geese.

Police forces in rural corners of Xinjiang province have been sending geese out on patrol since earlier this year, according to a report on the website of the state-run 'People's Daily' newspaper.

"Among all poultry, geese (are known) for being extremely vigilant and having excellent hearing," Zhang Quansheng, a police chief in Xinjiang's Shawan county, told the newspaper.

He said the use of crime-fighting geese was now being "actively promoted" across the region.

Law enforcement agents described the geese as a new "highlight of stability maintenance work" and said they had proved themselves "better than dogs" in tackling crime.

"Geese are very brave. They spread their wings and will attack any strangers entering (someone's) home," said Mr Zhang, the local police chief. The birds were like "a radar that does not need power", he added.

"In some ways, they are more useful than dogs; a household normally keeps one dog (but) an intruder can throw a drugged bun to kill the dog.

"Geese are normally kept in groups and they have poor eyesight at night making it very difficult for intruders to (poison them)." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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