Wednesday 24 October 2018

Chinese clamp down on violent Peppa Pig cartoon fakes

Kids’ favourite: Real Peppa Pig
Kids’ favourite: Real Peppa Pig

Crystal Wilde

A video production company in China has been forced to apologise after distributing children's cartoons featuring Peppa Pig and other well-loved characters in violent and disturbing scenarios.

Guangzhou Yinjun Trading Company said it had neglected to think about the harm to children when it was chasing web "clicks" by producing the alarming cartoons, which showed crude renderings of popular children's characters in violent or sexually suggestive situations.

These had been uploaded to online children's entertainment channels and shared via social media.

One showed Princess Elsa from Disney's 'Frozen' having her head cut open for a tooth to be removed, while another saw Minnie Mouse sever Mickey's ear with scissors.

China's National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications suspended operations at the company after it was found to have been sharing links via its Happy Disney account on Weibo, a Chinese social media site similar to Twitter.

The company has apologised for the "horrible videos", admitting: "When we were making videos, our team had one motivation in mind - increasing traffic - but we neglected to think about the harm and influence these videos, featuring horror, could bring to young children.

"We feel very guilty about the harm these videos could do, and we hereby express our deep apology to children and their parents."

The government has been spurred to take action by Chinese parents who took to social media to warn about the distressing content.

China's obscenity watchdog had earlier ordered all major video platforms to remove and check for content aimed at children that depicts terror, pornography, brutality or violence.

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