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Chilling CCTV footage shows motorcyclist narrowly missing schoolchildren after smashing into Jeep on busy intersection

Police in Australia have released dramatic CCTV footage of a motorcyclist almost hitting two children after he narrowly missed a collision with a car.

The motorcyclist apparently drove through a red light just as traffic came through a large intersection and four children began crossing a pedestrian crossing.

The chilling video shows the biker slipping through a narrow gap in between the two cars, before being hit by one of them. The sharp collision causes him to slide sideways along the road, just missing the children by centimetres.

The incident took place at an intersection on the northside of Brisbande. The man was one of two motorcyclists travelling south on Gympie Road, Lutwyche.

Brisbane Times reported the 23-year-old biker to have suffered serious leg injuries but said he is in a stable condition.

Police said they have released the video in an appeal for witnesses to come forward and they have asked anyone who saw the collision to contact them. 

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