Sunday 18 March 2018

CCTV footage of man dragged 200 metres by taxi in China

Surveillance footage has captured the moment a bus driver was knocked on to the bonnet of a car and then dragged down a road in China.

The victim had been driving the 12 bus in the area  when he said there was a minor collision with the taxi at a crossing.

When he got off his bus to confront the taxi driver, the taxi driver suddenly started the engine, knocking the bus driver on to the bonnet and driving for four or five metres.

The victim said his whole body was lying on the engine hood, that he held it firmly - adding that he felt very scared.

He then got down from the hood and tried to open the door of the cab, but the driver sped up and dragged him about 200m.

'I opened the door and ceased him, but he scolded at me and drove away' the bus driver said.

A female passer-by called the emergency services and he was treated for his injuries to his hands and legs.

Police have watched the surveillance tape and are now investigating the incident.

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