Monday 23 October 2017

CCTV cameras capture terrifying moment as man vanishes into massive sinkhole on city street

HORRIFYING footage has emerged of a security guard swallowed alive by a huge sinkhole in a pavement in a Chinese city.

The man was walking along the street in Shenzen when the hole opened up beneath his feet as he hurried past in the rain.

CCTV cameras caught the terrifying moment Yang Jiabin, 25, vanished into the 52-foot-deep sinkhole. Mr Yang was walking past a tiled courtyard near a construction site in the coastal Futian district of Shenzhen. By the time rescuers arrived, Yang was already dead.

The traumatic event led to many residents fleeing their homes for fear it would happen again. Recent downpours and crumbling infrastructure have left some streets in treacherous conditions.

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