Friday 15 December 2017

Blind Chinese woman admits to selling four of her babies

Du Xiurong, from Shibei in Mianyang, southwest China, with her grandson.
Du Xiurong, from Shibei in Mianyang, southwest China, with her grandson.

A blind Chinese woman has admitted to selling four of her children for money.

Between 2005 and 2012 Du Xiurong, from Shibei Village in Mianyang, southwest China's Sichuan Province, sold four of her newborn babies – three girls and one boy.

In total Du has given birth six times, but has only kept her eldest son and eldest daughter.

She commented: "I have no other choice. If I were not blinded I wouldn't have to do this.

"I am not selling them out, but giving them away. In return I only charge a bit for pregnancy fees.

"I love babies. If I were capable, I definitely would bring them up. But I really can't support them. I then find them good families to adopt them."

Claiming that she had done nothing wrong, Du said: "I gave out babies to families which can't give birth. They want babies and I helped them."


She added: "Rich people give out money for a daughter's wedding. Middle-class people earn money for a daughter's marriage, and poor people sell sons and daughters."

In January Du was detained for selling her babies, but she was released due to her disability.

According to Du, who was blinded in an accident when she was five, she got married when she was 14.

"My parents saw me as a burden. They wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible. So when they knew someone wanted to get married with me they couldn't wait to push me out".

However, she soon found that her husband was unable to hold down a job. "I, a blinded person, had to support the whole family."

As Du's first son and daughter grew up the family became more and more in need of money for the children's education.

So Du made a choice, which was to give birth and sell her babies.

In total Du sold her four children for around 10,000 Yuan (€1,251).

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