Tuesday 20 February 2018

Australian couple abandon surrogate twin with Down's syndrome - but keep his sister

They paid a Thai surrogate mother to have their children, but refused to take baby Gammy after learning he has Down's syndrome, prompting campaign to help

Gammy was separated from his healthy twin sister
Gammy was separated from his healthy twin sister

A SURROGATE mother has received donations from across the world to help with medical treatment for her six-month-old baby boy - after an Australian couple refused to take the baby on learning he had Down syndrome.

Pattharamon Janbua (21) was left to care for her critically ill son after the couple who could not have a baby paid her about €8,000 to be a surrogate mother.

The son, named Gammy, was separated from his twin sister, who is healthy and was taken by the Australians.

Six-month old Gammy is in hospital with a lung infection, and his 21-year-old Thai surrogate mother, Pattharamon Janbua, fears he will die unless he undergoes surgery for a congenital heart condition, Fairfax Media reports.

The unnamed couple used a surrogate after they were unable to conceive naturally. Ms Pattharamon became pregnant with twins and when tests at the four-month mark showed the baby boy, named Gammy, had Down syndrome the couple reportedly told her to have an abortion.

Ms Pattharamon, a Buddhist, refused.

Gammy was separated from his healthy twin sister
Gammy was separated from his healthy twin sister

Ms Pattharamon never met the couple. She is now desperately trying to raise money to care for Gammy, who has a congenital heart condition and is critically ill.

“I would like to tell Thai women — don’t get into this business as a surrogate. Don’t just think only for money ... if something goes wrong no one will help us and the baby will be abandoned from society, then we have to take responsibility for that,” she told Fairfax.

The family has set up a Hope for Gammy campaign to help fund the baby’s operations.

The campaign is reportedly being supported by Australian embassy staff in Bangkok. It has raised more than €40,000 so far.

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