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Art will leave a lot to the imagination

A leading gallery is to push the boundaries of visual art with an exhibition of works which cannot be seen.

London's Hayward Gallery will gather together 50 "invisible" works by leading figures such as Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for its display of works you cannot actually see.

Cannibal killer can leave hospital

A man who beheaded and then ate parts of a fellow passenger on a bus in Canada has won his bid to leave the grounds of the mental hospital where he is kept.

Vince Li (44) will be allowed short escorted trips into the city of Selkirk, Manitoba. Mr Li was found not criminally responsible for the July 2008 death of Tim McLean. Mr Li, a schizophrenic, is said to be a model patient.

US teen is served real finger food

A US teenager got an unpleasant surprise when he bit on something tough and rubbery as he ate a roast beef sandwich bought at a drive-through restaurant. It turned out to be part of a finger.

Ryan Hart (14) of Jackson, Wyoming, said: "I was about to puke... It was just nasty." A worker at the Arby's chain apparently cut her finger on a meat slicer and left work without telling anyone.

Woman (73) oldest to climb Everest

For the second time, a 73-year-old Japanese woman has become the world's oldest woman to climb Mount Everest, repeating her own record set 10 years ago.

Tamae Watanabe reached the summit with a Japanese partner and three Nepali Sherpa guides on Saturday.

Christians go Gaga in Manila

Christian youths in the Philippines are continuing to protest against Lady Gaga's upcoming concerts despite organisers' assurances that her performances will not threaten morality.

Some 200 Christian youths marched in Manila for the second straight day yesterday. The Biblemode Youth Philippines members are offended by Lady Gaga's music, particularly her song 'Judas'.

Rare 'ring of fire' eclipse on show

People in parts of East Asia and the western United States are awaiting a rare "ring of fire" eclipse.

The eclipse will occur when the moon slides across the sun, blocking all but a blazing halo of light. Early risers in parts of China, Taiwan and Japan will get the best view, around dawn today.

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