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Argentina passes sex-change law

ADULTS who want sex-change surgery or hormone therapy in Argentina will be able to get it as part of their public or private healthcare plans under a new law.

Argentina became Latin America's first nation to legalise gay marriage. For many, the gender-rights law was the next step.

Doll is modelled on 'tan' mother

A CONNECTICUT novelty company is selling a 'tanorexic' action figure based on a deeply tanned mother who is accused of causing skin burns to her little girl in a tanning booth. Emil Vicale, the president of HeroBuilders, said: "We thought it was a funny thing to do."

Patricia Krentcil, of New Jersey, has pleaded not guilty to a child-endangerment charge and claimed that her five-year-old daughter got sunburn outdoors.

Court bans name change by family

A GERMAN court has refused to allow a family to shed their "foreign-sounding" names for new German ones that they said would protect them from discrimination.

The family, who are living in Germany under asylum after fleeing Azerbaijan, had been given the opportunity to take on German versions of their names, the court in Lower Saxony said.

Men jailed for stun guns on camels

THREE men have been jailed for three months in Dubai for rigging a stun gun on a racing camel in an attempt to jolt the animal into running faster.

The plot was uncovered by racing officials inspecting the so-called 'electronic jockeys' used on the camels, which have replaced boy jockeys in the United Arab Emirates after claims of child abuse.

'Red' Ken returns to his radio job

KEN Livingstone is heading back to the airwaves just days after his failed bid to become mayor of London again.

He will return to his radio show, which he co-hosts with the former Conservative cabinet minister David Mellor, after announcing that he had fought his last election following his defeat to Boris Johnson.

'Voice' performers are hit by virus

CONTESTANTS on BBC1's 'The Voice' are trying to fight off a virus which has left them struggling to rehearse. Frances Wood, Joelle Moses and Jaz Ellington have been hit by a vomiting bug this week.

All three are on Will.i.am's team, but others are said to be worried about becoming ill before Saturday's heat.

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