Thursday 23 November 2017

App gets mobile users in the mood

A MOBILE phone app which can help prevent the user from having a bad day by predicting the mood of incoming messages has been developed by computer scientists.

Lorraine Chambers, a master's student at the University of Portsmouth, has created the app, which automatically colour-codes messages so people know before reading them if they are likely to make them feel good or bad.

Egypt cancels 'xenophobic' ads

EGYPT'S government has pulled TV public service announcements that warned against talking to foreigners because they might be spies after critics claimed the spots fuelled xenophobia and aimed to tarnish those behind last year's uprising.

The ads ended with: "Every word comes with a price. A word can save a nation."

Climber scales 14 tallest mountains

A JAPANESE mountaineer who was nearly killed by an avalanche in 2007 has finished a climb in Nepal that made him his country's first person to scale the world's 14 tallest mountains.

Hirotaka Takeuchi, the 30th person to climb all 14, said, "It was always my childhood dream to scale high peaks."

Japan's retirees go for blowout

IN the concrete jungle of Tokyo, some 600 retirees have gathered to fight for supremacy -- with blow darts.

The ancient Borneo rain forest tradition of blow darting is picking up new fans far away in Japan, where it is a rapidly growing sport among the nation's elderly.

NYPD 'kicks out cadet over beard'

AN Orthodox Jew weeks away from becoming a New York City police officer says he has been kicked out of the police academy for refusing to trim his beard.

Father-of-five Fishel Litzman (38) of Monsey, New York, was sacked after a series of confrontations with the force over the length of his whiskers, he told the 'Daily News'.

Lineker escapes Ofcom censure

UK WATCHDOG Ofcom has dismissed complaints that TV host Gary Lineker's behaviour was racially offensive when he impersonated Arsene Wenger on 'Match Of The Day'.

Lineker (51) sparked anger when he mocked the Arsenal manager by waving his arms about and signing off a link with the words, "If you don't like it, Mr Wenger... au revoir."

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