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You've never really been welcomed home until you've been welcomed home by a golden retriever

Our need for pet dogs just got even more real thanks to this very cute clip.


When you’ve worked 16 hours, the one thing you probably want the most is a nice welcome home.

If that welcome home can include several golden retrievers who look very happy to see you – well, that’s just a win-win situation, surely.

Amy Gates, from South Carolina, shares many adorable pictures of her dogs on her website, Green Gate Goldens, as well as her Instagram page, as you would if you were their lucky owner.

In a similar video of the dogs welcoming her home on Insta, Amy describes some of her pets in more detail, calling them the GreenGate crew.

She says one of them, called Rifle, loves to carry around a ball and that the three adult girls just like to “jump on the gate to be the only one in the picture”.

She says they love to graze on the grass…

…and are prone to lying in the water that they splashed out of their water bowls.

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Oh, how we wish we were going home to these pups ourselves.

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