Friday 27 April 2018

You'll never be having as bad a day as this bear stuck at the top of a tree

The poor thing was there for nearly a day.

By Prudence Wade

Bears are notoriously vicious and can be quite scary, but it turns out that they’re not as indomitable as you might think.

At least this particular black bear isn’t, as it came out on the losing side of a battle against a tree.

The unfortunate animal spent a good part of a day stuck at the top of this tree in Wisconsin, much to the bemusement of the small town’s residents.

There are a lot of questions here: how did the bear get up there? At what point did it realise it was in deep trouble? Was there at least a good view at the top? The list is endless.

Luckily, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said the bear came down safe and sound after nightfall. Maybe it got stage fright and was just waiting for the crowds to disperse?

Chances are it will be steering clear of any more climbing-based adventures in the future.

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