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You will never be as unimpressed as this NBA player asked to sign a toaster


Klay Thompson was having none of it.

Rockstars and athletes are asked to sign a whole host of bizarre things by adoring fans, but this is definitely one of the weirder requests we’ve seen.

Klay Thompson spends his time playing high-pressure basketball for the Golden State Warriors, so as you can probably imagine he was pretty perplexed when one superfan asked him to sign a toaster.

Here is the toaster, which is helpfully emblazoned with the logo Thompson’s team.

And here it is signed.

Perhaps the best thing about this whole bizarre situation is the look on Thompson’s face, which is just about how you would imagine it would be after being asked to sign a toaster.

Confusion, with a hint of disdain if you ask us. According to the fan’s Snapchat, Thompson said “A toaster? Wow that’s a first” when handed the object.

Here’s another look at just how confused Thompson is.

It’s by no means the first time this toast-loving NBA fan has asked his sports heroes to sign the device. It is also been graced with the autographs of Draymond Green and David Lee, and it turns out that he’s had his sights set on Thompson since 2014.

Dreams really do come true – and other NBA players better get ready for a toaster coming their way soon.

At least Stephen Curry will hopefully be more prepared for the toaster than Thompson was.

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