Friday 22 November 2019

You should probably take inspiration for future Easter Egg hunts from these Twitter users

By Georgia Humphreys

Suffering from FOMO because you didn’t take part in an Easter egg hunt? Ah, there’s always next year…

There are certain people on Twitter who really seem to have the whole celebrating Easter thing nailed down – their day has involved actual Easter egg hunts.

And now we’re jealous.


There are things we can learn from these lucky Easter egg hunters though, as inspiration for next year.

The overwhelming consensus is that you’re never too old to join in with the fun – glad we’re all agreed on that.

Ex-GBBO star Tamal Ray shared his family’s adorable rules on Twitter if you want some inspiration for how to do Easter right next year.

Some people have displayed just how seriously they take the whole thing, which we respect. It’s sibling rivalry at its best.

Mind you, sounds like finding the eggs can get violent. So we know we’d have to prepare ourselves if we did get to take part in an Easter egg hunt.

This guy wading into a pool shows you’ve also got to be extremely dedicated to be successful.

And people have inspired us to incorporate alcohol into any Easter egg hunt in some way too.

Ah, the FOMO is real. Guess there’s always next year…

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