Friday 23 August 2019

You need to see this cat’s reaction to salt and vinegar crisps

The verdict is instant.

(Julianna Gregor/PA)
(Julianna Gregor/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Pets don’t always know what’s good for them and one video making the rounds online is proving they’ll try to eat anything.

Julianna Gregor, 18, was enjoying a bag of salt and vinegar crisps when her adorable cat Missy began to show interest in her food.

“She always is curious as to what I am eating,” said Julianna, who is from Philadelphia.

“Once she hears a bag opening, she always comes over to me and miaows until I let her smell it. She typically never eats any of my food though, she’s only interested in smelling.”


Despite telling Missy she wouldn’t like the smell of the crisp, the moggy insisted, leading to her gagging at the pungent aroma.

Julianna shared the video online and it has now been watched more than four million times.

Missy may look like a ballsy cat in this video, but in reality she’s very shy.

“Whenever people come over to our house, she hides because she only likes to be around my family and I,” Julianna said.

However, “she truly is a very playful and curious cat and her favourite time is when she is being petted”.

Has Missy learned her food-smelling lesson? Only time will tell.

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