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You need to see these 11 wild elephants being saved from a muddy hole


The poor things landed themselves in deep mud in Cambodia.

Nearly a dozen wild elephants have been saved after they were stranded in a hole filled with thick mud in Cambodia.

Footage shows 11 of them being saved, after they were almost completely submerged in a bomb crater created by a blast during the country’s civil war.

It’s thought the poor animals were stuck in the mud for up to four days, after they wandered into the crater in search for a drink of water.

The elephants were found in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary by farmers who reported it to the Cambodian Department of the Environment. They called in the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) who came to the rescue.

“Too often, the stories around conservation are about conflict and failure, but this one is about cooperation and success,” Ross Sinclair of the WCS said in a statement. “That the last elephant to be rescued needed everyone to pull together on a rope to drag it to safety is symbolic of how we have to work together for conservation.”

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