Wednesday 22 November 2017

Woman shares story of how she met her husband on Twitter and it’s like the plot for a rom-com

It all started with Llia Apostolou needing a date for someone else’s wedding…

(prostooleh/Getty Images)
(prostooleh/Getty Images)

By Georgia Humphreys

A woman has revealed she met her husband on Twitter, after using the social media site to try to find a date for her sister’s wedding.

Three years ago, Llia Apostolou tweeted: “Are you a man? Can I borrow you for a wedding next weekend? Bonus points if you can source a baby that I can pretend is mine too.”

And her request caught the attention of fellow Tweeter Phil Gibson, who enthusiastically replied saying: “I can do this, I’ve got a suit and everything!”

Turns out Llia and Phil didn’t end up going to that wedding back in July 2014 together. However, their story recently came to light because as of July this year, the pair haven’t just gone on a date together…they’re married.

No, really. This is not the plot for a film. This is real (and you’re allowed to feel emotional right now…)

Llia explained that in the week after her initial tweet, her and Phil met in real life.

And, well, the rest is history, as they say.

But it seems neither of them can get over that they actually ended up getting married themselves…

A lot of people on Twitter have been left blown away by the whole story too.

Who needs Netflix when you have rom-coms happening on Twitter?

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