Monday 20 January 2020

Why this tiny ballerina is getting cops and firefighters to dance with her

And cops and firefighters were happy to help the four-year-old out by performing a passe.

Officer Dan Orlowski with tiny ballerina Vayda (Maria Ojeda/PA)
Officer Dan Orlowski with tiny ballerina Vayda (Maria Ojeda/PA)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

A four-year-old girl has lit up the internet by asking people to complete a ballet move with her.

Vayda Perry asked “will you passe with me” via a huge cardboard sign and managed to get firefighters and a police officer to take part in her challenge as well as shoppers.

The Taylor Swift fan, who started dance lessons in September, scored big in the challenge after visiting a local police department.

Who can resist a little girl in a tu-tu who shows up with a sign that says "Passe with me?" Certainly not Officer Dan Orlowski! Showcase Dance Studio

Posted by Greenfield Police Department on Friday, April 20, 2018

There she met police officer Dan Orlowski.

Posted by Greenfield Police Department on Friday, April 20, 2018

And when the fire department learned of the challenge they got involved too.

Vayda, who lives in Wisconsin in the US, thinks it is great that her video and pictures have been seen online, says her mum Maria Ojeda.

“It makes her smile that people like her video, but she has no idea how far it’s really gotten,” Maria told the Press Association.

Vayda is a student at Showcase Dance Studio. Owner Allison Stray asked all her students to complete the passe challenge with a prize for the winner.

“When I approached Officer Orlowski he was very kind and willing. I just told him about Allison challenging her students, gave him a little demonstration and then him and Vayda took over.

“The two stations have a friendly rivalry going on so once the firefighters found out we went to the police station they definitely one-upped them all while making Vayda’s day.

“We were able to get one police officer, five firefighters and 10 total strangers at the mall.”

Vayda Perry in her ballerina outfit (Allison Stray/Showcase Dance Studio/PA)

Allison Stray, who runs Showcase Dance Studio where Vayda takes pre-ballet classes, said: “I am overjoyed by the reception Vayda is receiving, we are blessed and thrilled to share our love of dance with the world.

“Vayda is an excellent dancer and you can see her spirit in class each week. Officer Orlowski has a lot of potential!”

Vayda attended a performance of Beauty And The Beast by the Milwaukee Ballet thanks to her challenge win.

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